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Here we have Tom Brady in his new Buccaneers jersey. Please keep New England in your prayers

Tom Brady has been a Tampa Bay Buccaneer since March 20, 2020, which was the early days of the COVID-19 shutdown. If it feels like that happened a decade ago, that’s because it did. No way anyone can convince me that was less than three months ago. It’s been 10 years at minimum.

But does it really feel like Brady has been a Buc these last three months? It hasn’t felt that way for me. Sure, he signed a nice contract and is expected to suit up with them if the NFL season ever starts, but until he threw on a Bucs jersey or actually took a snap, it wasn’t going to sink in.

Welp, the waiting is over. The official Twitter account of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers released photos of Brady in his new threads (home, away and alternate) on Tuesday afternoon. All I have to say about it is #Pray4NewEngland:

OK, now it’s sunk in, and boy it is a weird feeling. Imagine how Patriots fans feel? No, seriously, imagine. I’m literally el-oh-eling at the thought of it. Picturing Brady screaming out “WHITE 80” followed by “LINDA! LINDA!” in a different jersey has to feel like a knife directly through New England’s heart. “Hate to see it” is overused these days. Instead, let’s go with “loathe to witness this course of events.” Really rolls off the tongue.

But actually, you really do. Pats fans can talk all they want about how they are “rooting for him and Gronk” in Tampa while waxing poetic about his time as a Pat. “Why do I care about him leaving? He gave us six Super Bowls!” Yada, yada, yada. Deep down in places they don’t talk about at parties it is absolutely destroying them inside that he didn’t finish it off in Foxboro. You know it. I know it. They know it.