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Harry Styles had a British Open-sized gallery watching him play golf at St. Andrews

May 25, 2023

The British Open isn't expected to return to the Old Course at St. Andrews until 2027 after the sport's most historic site hosted last year's tournament. But on Thursday, there was a British Open-sized gallery watching one golfer play at the Home of Golf. One celebrity golfer, that is.

Harry Styles was in town, and clearly word of the pop star's presence spread. Because by the end of his round, he had quite a crowd following him. Take a look at these images, in particular the fourth one.

OK, here's another look:

What a scene. To be fair, there are always some people around the first, 17th, and 18th holes at St. Andrews. The course literally runs through the town. But still, that's pretty wild. And there's more. Here's video of Harry drawing cheers for a tee shot:

He even played a shot off the path on the famed Road Hole!

Nice touch! And here's a video showing the ovation Harry received upon tapping in on No. 18:

Love the fake golf ball toss to the crowd. What a showman! Finally, here's the reaction as he walked off the 18th green:

Seriously, Cam Smith might not have gotten a cheer that loud when he won the claret jug there last year. Unfortunately, we don't know what Harry (reportedly a 13-14 handicap) shot, but we do know (thanks to Styles' website) that he has concerts in nearby Edinburgh on Friday and Saturday. Then he has five days off until his next concert in France. A nice little tour break in Scotland, huh? Well planned, Harry. Well planned.