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Grown man begins to cry on the phone over Myles Garrett situation on the "Boomer & Gio" show

November 15, 2019

If you've dared to go on social media on Friday, you've no doubt seen or heard about what Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett did on Thursday Night Football. For those that missed it, here's the full, terrifying sequence:

Yep, pretty bad. A suspension is coming, and it should be of the multiple-game variety. Incredibly dirty play from a guy who has become quite the dirty player. Is it assault, as people like Adam Schefter suggested? Ehh, let's pump the brakes on that one.

But in 2019, there is no "pumping the brakes." People dive in headfirst and offer up the most scorching hot takes right from the jump. On Twitter, we've got folks asking if Garrett should be charged with a crime and thrown in jail. Poor Tony in Westchester, who called into the "Boomer & Gio" show to vent about the Garrett situation, had to literally fight back tears as he explained that Garrett could have "killed that quarterback last night with that helmet." Yes, this is a real thing that happened:

WFAN callers are a rare breed. Awesome job by Gio to continue to bait Tony into more ultra-dramatic soliloquies about having three kids who play sports, as if that has anything to do with an NFL defensive lineman swinging his helmet at an opposing player. Boomer and Gio's reactions were priceless:

Poor Tony. How will he explain this to his kids, or, GASP, his grandkids? Where is the CLASS?!?!

The crazy thing is, this is not the first time a grown adult male has cried on the phone on WFAN. Remember Jeff from the Jersey Shore?

What about Will from Queens?

Like I said, WFAN callers are a rare breed.