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Gregg Popovich gives the most Gregg Popovich answer when asked about LeBron James

December 06, 2018

LeBron James got roasted by his teammates on Wednesday for skipping the Lakers holiday party the previous night. By Wednesday night, however, all had been forgiven in Los Angeles as The King put forth a vintage performance against the Spurs. Almost as vintage as the one Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich turned in after.

Speaking with reporters after James torched his team for 20 of his 42 points in the fourth quarter, Pop was asked (probably for the 3,578th time) what makes LeBron so tough to guard? And he gave exactly the short, blunt, annoyed answer you'd expect from a man who has been a nightmare to in-game TV reporters throughout his career. Check it out:

Apologies to whomever asked the question, but you got POPped.

So to sum up: Pop's response? Not surprising. LeBron's performance? Not surprising. The Lakers throwing a holiday party the night before a game? A bit surprising. Then again, with such a young team, maybe that was a smart move.