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If Greg from 'Succession' can't bring Donovan Mitchell to the Knicks, literally no one can

As New York Knicks fans, we don't ask for much. A little hustle and heart will have your jersey flying off the shelves at the Madison Square Garden merch shop. We may seem like a tough crowd, but if the last decade-plus is any indication, we're actually easy to please. Just play hard and be in the playoff hunt and everybody will be on their feet in the Mecca.

But one thing we'd really, really like under our orange and blue Christmas tree this year is just one freaking superstar to come to the Big Apple, embrace the pressure, and thus, attract more stars. We've been jilted by LeBron, Durant and many others now, to the point where we are begging and groveling for Donovan Mitchell, who would certainly fall under the "star" umbrella right now, but is not getting the Knicks to the ultimate goal of winning the NBA Finals.

And that's the thing. We don't care! We just want one guy to come here and be our guy. Score 30 a night. Lose in the conferences semis. Be Carmelo Anthony, basically. Again, it's not much to ask, and we're asking nicely. Well, at least Nicholas Braun, AKA Greg from "Succession," is asking nicely. Extremely nicely and possibly awkwardly, which is the most Greg the Egg thing ever:

This video, as you probably already figured out, was taken at Citi Field, where the Spida was cheering on his beloved New York Mets, an organization he grew up around when his father worked as the director of player relations. Many of Mitchell's tweets are about the Mets, only further fueling the Mitchell-to-NY fire. 

Of course, it would have to be via a trade, as Mitchell is under contract with the Utah Jazz until 2026, making Greg's "Come to NY" plea all the more sad for Knicks fans. It is sadly not Mitchell's choice, no matter how badly we and Greg want it to be. Knowing how the last 20 years have gone, he'll end up on the other side of the country as a Sacramento King, and we'll continue to be the supposed marquee franchise that no one wants to come play for. Round and round we go. A for effort, though, Greg.