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Golfer tests out prosthetic arm for first time at Topgolf, ends in disaster

Topgolf employees probably have to put up with a lot of random aggravating issues: Drunk and disorderly customers, clubs being used incorrectly and even trick shots leading to injuries. This has to be the first time, however, that someone was asked to retrieve someone’s arm.


yall ever seen an arm fly

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Marin Carter of TikTok fame tried to test out her “prosthetic arm for the first time at Topgolf” to pretty disastrous results. Almost immediately, her arm flew off from the second floor and she eventually needed someone to pick it up off the range.

The 21-year-old might have had the most expensive Topgolf visit of all time, as those prosthetics are anything but cheap. According to PrimeCare Orthotics and Prosthetics, “a basic prosthetic leg can cost less than $10,000, while a more advanced, computerized prosthetic leg controlled by muscle movements can cost up to $70,000 or more.” That’s a hell of a visit to the driving range.

Hopefully, it’s still usable, but it does look pretty beat up after falling to the ground floor. She may have to buy a new one, but she at least garnered some TikTok notoriety in the process.

There are a lot of way to end this story, but commenter ajwetherbee puts it best, “Top Golf does cost an arm and a leg nowadays.”