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Golfer falls into Topgolf net, needs firemen to help him out

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Golf is an embarrassing sport by nature. You’re going to screw up time and time again, miss short putts, choose the wrong clubs and just look like a fool every goddamn day. At least, you have the driving range and Topgolf where there’s less of a chance for humiliation … right?

Well, for most, the answer to that is yes. For one very unfortunate and perhaps clumsy guy, that answer is a resounding NO.

It doesn’t get any worse than what happened at National Harbor’s Topgolf. Roll the tape TikTok:

Just unbelievably brutal stuff here. It’s going to be tough to go back to Topgolf anytime soon or the town that this Topgolf is in or outside in general.

Having firefighters rescue you from a range net is a new fear unlocked from this clip. Sometimes you whiff on a ball completely and that’s mortifying in itself. This is miles beyond. It also doesn’t help to have the entire Topgolf stop and watch.

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What are you going to do? Not see what's going on? You have to know! A golf looky-loo is the best kind of looky-loo.

One of the commenters really nailed it with the Pulitzer Prize-esque phrase he swang when he should've swung. Hopefully, the man is doing okay and has the memory of a goldfish, because it’s going to be difficult to come back from this one.