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Golfer knocked unconscious during fist fight over ‘rude behavior’ on the course

August 02, 2023
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The hits keep coming. It’s been a hell of a year when it comes to golf fights, and we have another one to add to our running tally. The latest fracas occurred in Tuscarawas County in Ohio at the very end of July and reportedly began due to “rude behavior” from one group towards another.

After a verbal altercation, two golfers at Five Waters Golf Course began fighting, with one 45-year-old male eventually knocking out a 48-year-old. According to the sheriff’s office, the man was unconscious and eventually taken to Trinity Twin City Hospital, less than a 10-minute drive from the course.

“The individual did have a laceration on his lip and had some blood running down his mouth,” said Tuscarawas County Sheriff Orvis Campbell. “He, when speaking with deputies, was having difficulty recalling what took place.”

What exactly led to this brawl is under debate, but it’s believed that one of the groups began to hit golf balls toward the other golfers. The escalating tension eventually led to the groups closing in on one another and then fisticuffs.

Campbell broke down what occurred: “Two guys walked into the middle of a fairway and got into it and then got into a fight. [It was] apparently initiated over one group thinking the other group was hitting balls toward them intentionally, maybe just rude behavior on the golf course is what was described.”

The two men have been scheduled to appear in Southern District Court after being charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct.