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PGA National (Champion Course)

True Romance

True love is this video of a man playing straight through a wedding ceremony without a care in the world

It is said that true love conquers all. It transcends race, religion, finances, family, country, and even SEC ball clubs. Once it is found, it cannot be lost. It remains with you wherever you find yourself, whenever you find yourself there. If you’ve yet to experience it for yourself, have heart. You will. In the meantime, check out this video of a random golfer playing straight through a wedding ceremony without a single care in the world. This is what true love looks like … and we aren’t talking about the newlyweds.

Whoever decided to make golf courses humanity’s de-facto home for weddings was either an idiot or a golfer. In their defense, however, it has led to countless hilarious collisions. This might be the most relatable yet, though, as this guy tracks down his wayward shot, kicks it back into the rough, and takes one half-assed practice swing before hacking it his ball another 50 yards toward the pin. Sorry Romeo, your handwritten vows can’t compete with that poetry.

As for the happy couple, we hope this didn’t ruin their day. We hope they enjoyed a nice reception far from the spectre of whizzing TopFlites. But still, there’s something magical in all this—a reminder that we should all be free to love in our own way, whether it be another human or a little white ball.