Picture Me Rollin'

Golfer gets paired with random who Segways around course, the future is now

January 16, 2024

Whether it be club adjustments, the evolution of courses or whatever this shirt is, the sport of golf is constantly ebbing and flowing with the times. That’s the beauty of the game. It calls for us to continuously search for answers, all the while improving and bettering ourselves along the way. One man boldly decided that he was sick of walking. This is what he came up with.

Yes, this appears to be a middle-aged man with a Guy Fieri hairdo pushing his golf bag while on a Segway. Why get steps in and waste your movements when you can just Blade Runner it up? Pretty soon, he won’t even be hitting the ball. That’ll be for the robot companion he brings along with him. As one Reddit commenter stated, “This guy’s playing golf in 2075 while we are all stuck in 2024.”

What would you do if paired with this man? You’re going to have to walk behind him, trudging along like a toddler. It’s frankly embarrassing, but you should’ve brought your own Segway, a future golf staple.

In all seriousness, one of the best parts of golf is the nice stroll on a beautiful day amongst nature, so this techie is honestly missing out. He may get to the green before you, but he’ll still be botching his putts like the rest of us.