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Golfer gets insanely good bounce, somehow still manages to miss tap-in birdie for painful par

September 07, 2023

Golfers tend to fixate on negatives during a round. That putt shouldn't move that way! We've been into the wind on every hole! Why is the beverage cart never around?!

But while bad breaks abound, the golf gods can be giving. At least, every once in a while. Seriously, though, why does every hole seem to play into the wind?

Anyway, when you do get a bit of good fortune, you need to take advantage of it. Even Tiger Woods at the peak of his powers needed an all-time lucky bounce to put Bob May away at the 2000 PGA Championship. But the following golfer certainly isn't Tiger, and he certainly didn't take advantage of some good fortune during a recent round. We don't get to see the miraculous bounce that left him with a tap-in birdie, but, despite some shaky camera work, we do see the putt. And it's hideous:

Yikes. You hate to see it. That's one painful par.

And after failing to convert that birdie, there's an even greater chance that guy mutters something to the extent of "I never get a good break" the next time he gets a bad one. Or the next time he's into the wind. Which will probably be the next hole.