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Man runs the entire length of famed PGA Tour drivable par 4 to confirm he made hole-in-one

September 07, 2023

We've often imagined how we'd react if we made a hole-in-one. And by "we," I'm actually just referring to myself because basically everyone else at Golf Digest—and most of my co-workers' children—have made aces. So they already know how they'd react. Must be nice.

But a common reaction you see is someone taking off and running towards the hole. Even if they're playing in a golf cart. We're pretty sure this move actually takes more time most of the time, but again, I've never made one so I can't speak to why people do this. But where running gets even more curious is when you've made an ace—or think you've made an ace—on a par 4.

Such was the case for a guy named "Jake" who not only made a rare type of hole-in-one, but did it on one of the PGA Tour's most famous drivable par 4s, the 17th at TPC Scottsdale. Have a look:

Congrats to Jake. Both on the hole-in-one and for being in pretty darn good shape. I'm not sure I could have run all 300-plus yards from tee to green. Also, what a place to do it. That hole happens to be the site of the only par-4 ace in PGA Tour history, made by Andrew Magee at the 2001 Phoenix Open.

And great job by his group documenting the whole thing, and even providing some play-by-play.

"We might have a hole-in-one on a par 4," a guy in the cart says. "Jake just hit one, holy shit!"

Fortunately, Jake's golf ball was in the cup. Otherwise, that would have been a LOT of effort for nothing.