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Only in Australia: Golfer hits bunker shot over kangaroo, nearly holes out

There’s one place on God’s biologically diverse earth that you may have to get up and down from the sand by flying it over a kangaroo. That place is Australia, the world’s exclusive streaming partner of the Marsupial Tour. But don’t take our word for it, just watch Animal Planet or, better yet, this video of a guy recording a remarkable sand save after hitting his bunker shot over a nearby ‘roo. Don’t thin it!

As if golf wasn’t hard enough already, Australia is now throwing living, breathing hopping hazards into the mix. No wonder the likes of Adam Scott, Jason Day, and Cameron Smith all plop down on American soil ready to win majors. They’ve been flopping it over exotic wildlife since they were in grade school. Nothing hones the short game like the threat of concussing an endangered species.

As for the kangaroo, this one didn’t seem too pleased with getting a sand bath while simply trying to eat breakfast.


If that look doesn’t say “hit into my group again and see what happens,” we don’t know what does.