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Here's a kangaroo chasing after a couple of golfers and scaring the crap out of them

November 08, 2015

You know that feeling when you're enjoying a leisurely round of golf and a bloodthirsty kangaroo chases after you?

Us neither.

These Australian golfers, meanwhile, can speak from experience. Seeing how they were in Australia, one must assume this is as common Down Under as it is for American golfers to be pestered by a crotchety ranger telling you to pick up the pace. The video below is from the perspective of a terrified golfer being chased by a kangaroo in a golf cart. And just in case that sentence is at all confusing, we should clarify the golfer was in the cart, not the kangaroo.

Anyway, just watch.

We will always grateful to people who put themselves in seemingly life-threatening situations, but still have the good sense to take an iPhone video. Well done, mate.