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Golf on the Moon

Celebrate 50 years of golf on the moon with these outer space-inspired golf products

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February 05, 2021

Earlier this week, Nike released a limited-edition version of the Air Max 90 Golf Shoes with an outer space-themed pattern to commemorate the 50th anniversary of golf being played on the moon. Select sizes of the shoe are still available, but Nike isn’t the only golf company releasing exclusive pieces to commemorate golf’s galactic debut. Seamus Golf’s newest line was designed to resemble the spacesuit worn by galactic golfer Admiral Alan B. Shepard on the moon both in looks and durability of the materials used.

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The Golf on the Moon collection is centered around an ultra-technical fabric called Dyneema that’s 15 times stronger than steel and 30 percent lighter than nylon or polyester. Seamus discovered the waterproof material after examining products that elite backpackers use for climbs and were inspired to create four headcovers ($85-$125) and a golf bag ($695). Only 11 bags were made in this extremely limited run, so don’t expect them to stay in stock long.

For top space enthusiasts, the Golf on the Moon Kit ($895) includes the golf bag, a reflective gold hood, brass space pen, black moon marker, custom Seamus x Slowtide golf towel with titanium carabiner, and a fairway-wood headcover with the Seamus "Worm" logo up the barrel and "Meatball" embroidery on the lid.