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Golf instructor Travis Fulton gives full breakdown of Lil Pump TopGolf fail

Sometime last week, rapper Lil Pump spent a very interesting evening at TopGolf. We know this because, like most celebrities who go to TopGolf, he splattered videos of his ill-fated golf escapade all over social media, and, like most celebrities who do literally anything, quickly went viral for his efforts. Despite Lil Pump's good natured go at it, however, his form left a, um, little to be desired, attracting the attention of golf instructor Travis Fulton, who took to Twitter on Sunday night to offer a full, tip-to-tail breakdown of Mr. Pump's problematic stroke.

No we here at The Loop our big proponents of the whole "swing your swing blah blah" approach, and to Fulton's credit, he starts Lil Pump's assessment with the positives, namely his visualization and ability take a full cut and still spray the ball exactly 90 degrees to the right. It's not everyday you see such focus or precision. From there, however, things fall apart, with Lil Pump getting a little too far out in front of the club head while simultaneously forgetting he's set up with his back, quite literally, to the wall. Remember kids, always keep your head down and watch out for both animate and inanimate objects in your follow through. They have a tendency to jump right out in front of you when you least expect it.

Anyway, it looks like a couple sessions with Fulton would probably do Lil Pump some good, but on the bright side, the $100,000 diamond-encrusted ring that went flying off Pump's finger into the down-range darkness was eventually recovered in the netting about 100 yards past his ball. Even by today's seemingly bionic distance standards, that's pretty impressive.