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Golf course offers free golf in exchange for help catching vandals who tore up greens

November 03, 2021

Credit: River Bend Golf Course

From time to time, we come across horror stories of golfers getting vandalized. Whether fueled by booze or it simply being a case of kids being kids, these evil acts usually result in a golf course's greens being torn up by tire tracks—and some very unhappy golfers.

But one Idaho muny has concocted a smart idea to try to catch the culprits who caused recent damage: offer free golf.

River Bend Golf Course in Wilder is offering a free 2022 season pass for anyone who can help police find those responsible for driving a four-wheeler in circles over multiple greens on Saturday night. reports crews have already began trying to patch up the areas, but that course officials are particularly happy with the timing of the incident because it will take the grass longer to grow back.

Catching the culprits won't make that grass grow back any quicker, but it could deter future joyriders. And as far as rewards go, free golf, especially a lot of free golf, is pretty darn appealing. We wish River Bend Golf Course the best with its search—and recovery.