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Golf course gator fight leads to one of the funniest conversations of the year

May 05, 2017

What would you do if you saw two gators fighting on a golf course? Would you run to safety? Probably. Would you get really close and take a video? Probably not. Would you play through? Definitely not.

Unless you're PGA Tour pro Cody Gribble. Or this guy.

We're not sure who the brave (stupid?) golfer narrating this video shared by our friends at Barstool Sports is, but he's certainly not as scared of these reptiles as we would be. Check it out:

It seems like his playing partners didn't feel the same way, thus leading to one of the funniest exchanges we've heard on a golf course this year.

Friend: "You wanna come back and play this hole?"

Narrator: "Nah, we can go ahead and tee off."

Friend: "Are you serious?!"

That's what we want to know.