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Get fired up for the Masters with ESPN's new series of commercials

February 23, 2017

The Masters is now 43 days away, but who’s counting? Oh, right. A lot of people.

The year’s first major transcends golf more than any other tournament, and it helps that its first two rounds are broadcasted on ESPN. Not only do more casual sports fans tune in that Thursday and Friday to watch, but they’re also exposed to all those commercials the network runs for the event.

And 2017 is no different. ESPN has been unveiling a new series of ads that feature the picturesque nature of Augusta National -- and the dulcet tones of Tom Rinaldi. I could listen to that guy read the phone book. Anyway, here’s Chapter 3: “The Roars,” which debuted on Thursday:

There’s also Chapter 1: “The Anticipation”:

And Chapter 2: “The History”:

They're all part of a five-part series, the final two of which will be rolled out nearer to the Masters start date of April 6.

“I was thrilled and honored to do it,” said Rinaldi, who also wrote the spots. “I know that for a lot of people, the event signals more than a golf event. It signals the fact that we’ve made it through winter."

Just 43 days away, people. Just 43 days.