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This Gary Woodland tee shot ending up where it did feels like a legitimate act of God

September 29, 2022

We've seen golf balls end up in some pretty strange places over the years on the PGA Tour. Trees, swimming pools, parking lots, hospitality tents, you name it. And yet we can say with complete confidence that we've never seen a ball end up where Gary Woodland's tee ball ended up on the first hole at CC of Jackson on Thursday at the Sanderson Farms.

Woodland, who began his day on the 10th tee and made the turn in one under, smashed a drive that started sailing toward the right rough with heavy winds coming from the left. What happened next can only be described as an act of God, Woodland's ball taking two big hops, landing in the seat of a volunteer's folding chair, then riding up the right arm of said folding chair until finally coming to rest in the bottom of the mesh cup holder attached to the chair. It's something strait out of the Mouse Trap board game:


You could spend the rest of your life on that tee box trying to replicate that shot and you'll end up in the grave before coming anywhere near pulling it off. No exaggeration, it is easier to make a hole-in-one than to hit a driver into the cup holder of a folding chair 300 yards away. Not that I'd know. 

Woodland was given a free drop, then found the green and had 33 feet left for birdie. Unfortunately, he three-putted for bogey, killing what could have been a great story. It's still absurd, but the bogey certainly robs it of potential legend.