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Freddie Freeman taking his three-year-old son deep is the video we all need this Monday

March 23, 2020

As you and yours (hopefully) hunker down for another week of Coronavirus quarantine (Seriously, let's do this, people), here's a cute video to remind you of what awaits on the other side: SPORTS! Specifically, the Major League Baseball season. At some point. We think.

Anyway, Freddie Freeman is staying sharp during his break. The Atlanta Braves four-time All-Star hit a career-high 38 dingers last season. And by the looks of it, that power stroke is already in mid-season form. Watch as he takes his three-year-old son Charlie DEEP in their backyard:

Hey, the kid's got to learn not to leave pitches up in the zone at some point, right? May as well be from his dad.

Also, kudos to Freddie's wife, Chelsea, for her continued video skills. In October, she captured an adorable clip of Freddie coming across a kid dressed up as him for Halloween.

Keep that camera running, Chelsea. We need stuff like this more than ever now.