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Andruw Jones didn't seem too thrilled with his son's epic bat flip

March 11, 2020

Andruw Jones hit 434 home runs during his Major League Baseball career and made even more highlight-reel plays as a 10-time Gold Glove winning centerfielder, but I'll always remember him for how he handled routine plays. Jones would glide under a fly ball and then put as little effort as possible into catching it, often not even bothering to lift his glove up. In other words, he was one of the cockiest players I've ever seen. And now it appears his son is a chip off the old block.

Introducing Druw Jones, Andruw's 16-year-old son, who has already committed to play college baseball at Vanderbilt. Pretty impressive. Then again, Andruw hit two home runs in a World Series game when he was 19, so no pressure following in those (nimble) footsteps, Druw!

But like his pops, Druw also has plenty of pop, which was on display on Tuesday. And he's got some flair, as evidenced by this epic bat flip after hitting a no-doubt grand slam. Check it out:

That toss almost reached the mound! I'm sure the opposing pitcher was thrilled about that.

Surprisingly, Andruw Jones didn't seem thrilled about his son's action either. After being tagged on a tweet of the video by fellow former big leaguer Jerry Hairston Jr., the five-time All-Star gave this one-word response:

Talk about tough love. Although, maybe it's not too surprising. As much as Jones liked to go out of the way to flash the leather, a quick YouTube search confirms he was not a bat flipper.

Regardless, we here at The Loop are big fans of the bat flip as you can see by this video we made a couple years ago:

So you keep doing you, Druw. We got your back.