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Former PGA Tour pro shows why you really shouldn't trust everything you read on the Internet

January 03, 2022

It shouldn't come as a surprise to know that there's a lot of incorrect information on the Internet and that you should take everything you read on there with a grain lump of salt. Well, not everything, because you can always trust us big-J Journos here at The Loop. Obviously.

Anyway, in particular, it turns out those popular "net worth" searches aren't very accurate. Shocking, right? In fact, they can be completely inaccurate as shown by one former PGA Tour pro turned swing coach.

Bradley Hughes works with some great golfers, most notably turning Brendon Todd's career around a couple years ago. And although we're guessing he's well-compensated for his work, he is definitely not a billionaire. He made $2.1 million during his PGA Tour career (more around the world for this member of the inaugural International Presidents Cup team, but still) and Todd has earned $11.6 million. Again, that's million with an "M," not billion with a "B."

If you were doing a random Google search, however, you'd get a slightly different impression of Hughes. Have a look:

LOL $2.4 BILLION. That's what Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan are worth. COMBINED. Although, again, we're using the same shoddy Internet info to compute that so who knows. But you get the point, Bradley Hughes is definitely not worth anything close to $2.4 BILLION. Sorry, Brad.

As the Aussie points out, there was an American self-storage magnate named Bradley Wayne Hughes, who founded Public Storage and was worth an estimated $4.1 billion at the time of his death this past August. Emphasis on "estimated" because that was all just taken straight from his Wikipedia page.

To conclude, we've learned two important lessons here: 1.) Internet "Net worth" searches can't be trusted, and 2.) Brad and probably everyone reading this chose the wrong career path. Apparently, the self-storage business is where you make the real big bucks.