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Two of golf's most innovative companies are joining forces. Here's what it means for golfers

December 14, 2022
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Whether you realize it or not, the things you see pros do on television, the articles you read here on Golf Digest, the lessons you get from your coach, are all influenced by the technology of the time.

Count yourself lucky to call yourself a golfer in the year 2022. Gone are the days of looking at a divot and wondering what it told you about your golf swing. The technology players use is better than ever—and it's getting better every day. It allows teachers a greater layer of insight into the golf swing and the equipment that players uses.

Now, two companies on the forefront of those innovations are joining forces.

If you've watched golf on television, taken a lesson or gotten fit for clubs, you've probably seen a high-end Foresight Quad launch monitor. Foresight uses a high-powered "optical photometric capture system" to take pictures of the golf ball and clubface at incredibly high speeds with incredible accuracy, to tell you exactly what's happening at impact.

Sportsbox AI is a startup that uses the camera in your phone to build a three-dimensional model of your golf swing, which can allow teachers to analyze specific elements they otherwise wouldn't have (which you can read about here).

Seven of the company's ambassadors are Golf Digest Top 50 Teachers. Together, in a new partnership, Foresight will integrate its data into Sportsbox's app—marking the first time a launch monitor and a 3D motion-capture system have integrated.

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So, what does it means for golfers? Simple. Pretty soon, the information you'll be getting from your coach will start getting a little better. You'll be able to know more accurately what caused your best shots, and your bad shots. You hit that drive five yards longer? Let's check your golf swing numbers and find out why.

“This is an incredibly exciting time to be an instructor, fitter or player in golf," Jeehae Lee, Sportsbox 3DGolf's Founder and CEO, said. "To combine this data with the body motion and swing data is truly a monumental step in unlocking the mysteries of the why behind the shot."

"Looking at the talent and track record of both organizations, the sky's the limit for what we can create together," Jon Watters, the Foresight Founder, added.