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Proposing to your girlfriend seconds after losing to Jacksonville State on a Hail Mary is proof that true love triumphs over all

September 13, 2021

Football fans, we have breaking news out of the Panhandle this morning: Florida State STINKS. After a crushing overtime loss to Notre Dame during Week 1, the Seminoles put up a valiant effort against mighty FCS opponent Jacksonville State on Saturday, ultimately losing 20-17 on one of the most unforgivable last-second Hail Marys you will ever see. Roll tape.

How a corner gets caught in man coverage on the outside on a 59-yard Hail Mary attempt we will absolutely never know. How you come back from an FCS school literally planting a flag in your turf, we have no idea. But there is one thing (besides Florida State STINKING) that the Seminoles' gut-punching, back-breaking loss taught us for certain:

True love triumphs over all.

That’s a Florida State lineman proposing to his girlfriend seconds after what has to be the most embarrassing loss of his playing career. In fact, if you squint, you can still see the Gamecocks celebrating their massive upset in the far corner of the stadium. Personally, we would opt for the rain check here. This is a moment you’ll want to cherish forever; one you’ll want to tell your kids and your kids’ kids about without the disclaimer that you also lost to Jacksonville State that day.

If it were us, we would put that rock back in our pocket and wait for the first W of the season. Wake Forest in beautiful Winston-Salem next week. Louisville and Syracuse at Doak Campbell the following two. Plenty of options to pick up a win and a wife. Then again, with the way the Seminoles are playing right now, maybe you just don’t risk it.