Lucky Bastards

This Florida man/hole-in-one machine is the luckiest golfer on the planet

March 03, 2021

We figured it was time for a positive "Florida Man" headline, because even when it comes to golf—like the recent "Florida Man drowns while looking for golf ball"—these usually aren't good. But three holes-in-one? In a five-day span? That's good. Really good.

Unless, of course, you're like me and you're still waiting on your first ace. Then a headline like this just makes you jealous. Really jealous.

Anyway, according to the Naples Daily News, a Florida man named Jim Wolklin pulled off the improbable feat last month.

"I just have had a lot of luck," Wolklin said. Yeah, no sh--, you lucky bastard.

But it gets even better—or worse—depending on your perspective. The 68-year-old now has 11 aces in his lifetime. ELEVEN! Must be nice!

Actually, Wolklin's home course is Stanton Ridge Golf & Country Club in Whitehouse Station, N.J., where he's made seven of those aces. So he sounds like more of a "New Jersey Man," and not a pure "Florida Man." But again, "Florida Man" could use some good publicity so we threw "Florida Man" a bone.

So does he have any advice for non-lucky golfers like myself?

“When you least expect them, they go in the hole,” said Wolklin, 68. “It’s when you’re not thinking about it, and you’re just trying to make par.”

Thanks a lot, Jim. I'll try to keep that in mind.