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Fitness Friday: Immediate Help For Your Turn

August 30, 2013

Those slow-motion playbacks of tour pros hitting shots on TV are both impressive and humbling to watch. While the TV networks tend to focus on what the club is doing through the impact zone, I'm more fascinated with what the upper torso is doing in the backswing and downswing. The biggest difference I see in what a tour pro's trunk is doing vs. a typical middle-aged golfer is that its significantly more involved in the swing. Many amateurs limit their upper-body rotation--both back and through--in fear of missing the ball. But the lack of activity also stems from physical dysfunction. As we age, we lose our mobility. You can slow this loss in the gym with various exercises we've covered in the blog--particularly ones that focus on hip stability, core strength and mid-back mobility. But what if you're teeing off later today or over the weekend? If you need immediate help improving your backswing and/or follow-through, click on the video below and watch me demonstrate simple adjustments to your address position that will help you make a better turn on the very next swing.

Ron Kaspriske is the fitness editor for Golf Digest.*

(Photos by J.D. Cuban ) *