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16 exercises to make you a better golfer

February 2009
Get To The Core Of Your Swing

Model: Eric Dannenberg

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The weakest part of most golfers' bodies is the part they need most: the core. Without strong, pliable muscles in your stomach, hips, butt and lower back, you can't make a golf swing that is both powerful and technically sound. In the February edition of Golf Digest, I gave you an introduction to building a better core. Now I'm going to share with you the entire, 16-exercise workout. Do this three to five times a week and you'll notice a dramatic improvement in your golf swing and you'll feel a whole lot better.
-- Mark Verstegen

1. Mini-band walk forward (1 set, 10 steps)
2. Mini-bank walk sideways(1 set, 10 steps, each direction
3. Hip crossovers (1 set, six reps, each direction)
4. Glute bridges (1 set, 10 reps)
5. Inverted hamstring stretch (1 set, 6 reps, each leg)
6. Quad rocking (1 set, 10 reps)
7. World's greatest stretch (1 set, 3 reps, each direction)
8. Lateral squat (1 set, 6 reps, each direction)
9. Backward lunge with tilt (1 set, 6 reps, each direction)
10. Knee hugs (1 set, 6 reps, each knee)
11. Drop step lunge (1 set, 6reps, each leg)
12. Med-ball perpendicular throws (1 set, 10 throws, each side)
13. Med-ball parallel throws (1 set, 10 throws, each side)
14. T-hip rotations (1 set, 6 rotations, each side)
15. 1-arm, one-leg Romanian deadlift (1 set, 6 reps, each leg)
16. 1-arm, 2-leg deadlift (1 set, 6 reps, each leg)

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