Well Played

Fernando Tatis Jr. dancing to 'HE'S ON STEROIDS' chants from Cubs fans is a masterful troll job

In case you forgot, Fernando Tatis Jr. is officially back. And in case you forgot what he was officially back from, it was a PED suspension (and an injury) that caused him to miss the entire 2022 season. Not the best look, obviously, but we can all agree that the budding San Diego Padres superstar was sorely missed, PEDs or no PEDs.

Baseball fans didn't just miss his all-world talent, though, we missed his personality, something sorely lacking from true superstars in Major League Baseball. Nobody packed more of it than Tatis Jr. his first three seasons in the show, the third of which included 42 dingers, 97 runs batted in and a third-place finish in MVP voting.  

That personality was on full display Tuesday night in Chicago, where Tatis Jr. returned to Wrigley field for the first time since June 2, 2021. The Chicago Cubs fans welcomed him back with open arms, and by open arms we mean they were chanting "HE'S ON STEROIDS" while Tatis Jr. played right field. 

Tatis Jr.'s response? He began dancing to the beat:

A simply masterful troll job. Memphis Grizzlies' small forward Dillon Brooks should take notes here. When you bring something on yourself—in Brooks' case, mouthing off about a legend—you need to own it. Face the music. Tatis Jr. is facing it head on here. He could have ignored it or ran and hid from it, but instead he started dancing to it. This should be taught in "I f---ed up, here's how to handle it" classes everywhere.