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Fan paid $724 for two beers, but to make matters worse, he had to watch the Miami Dolphins

October 01, 2019
LA Chargers at Miami

Miami Herald

Here's a list of things that cost approximately $700: One month's rent for a house in Indiana, a flight to Tokyo, or 175 Big Macs. You can even get four tickets to Taylor Swift's "Lover" music festival.

These are all worthwhile reasons to give up $700. Two beers at a Dolphins game is not.

On Sunday, a beer vendor at Hard Rock Stadium took a fan’s card and swiped it using a personal Square credit card reader. Certainly not the stadium's device that it gives to employees. The charge totaled $724 for two beers, Miami-Dade police said.

Immediately upon swiping, the fan received an alert from his bank about the odd payment. It even displayed the vendor's real name as well.

This is what passed for an "Ocean's Eleven" grift in Miami.


Nathaniel Collier, the 33-year-old scammer, is being held on a $10,000 bond as of Tuesday morning for charges of grand theft and using a skimming device, police said.

Collier was obviously fired upon arrest and the customer received a full refund.

We're still not sure if he got a refund for having to watch Josh Rosen and company lose by 20 at home and drop to 0-4, but that's another story.