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Fan gets one attempt to hit fairway for free driver, nails it with insanely clutch shot

September 07, 2023

Sometimes you have to be in the right place at the right time, and that's exactly what happened this week when this kid won a free Callaway Paradym driver. A Callaway rep approached a group of young golf fans and offered the chance of a lifetime: Answer a question correctly and then step up and hit the fairway for a free club. The pressure to get the trivia right first is nerve-wracking enough but then you have to put one in the fairway with everyone watching? Yikes…

The query itself is far from easy. "What is the name of the course that had the brick in the fairway?” The chosen one answered this before the word “fairway” was finished. He then had his shot at eternal glory.

He slapped on a pair of clean Nikes, donned a glove, took a few practice swings and then hit the hell out of the ball, finding the fairway without a moment of hesitation.

The comments all echo the same suspicion that this fella must be related to Jon Rahm in one way or another. "Was that Jon Rahm?" He swings like Rahm, really short backswing with an insanely shallow club" and "Bro got that Jon Rahm swing on him 😁" are just a few of the top observations.

You never know for sure on social media but this winner’s name appears to be Charlie Fish, who even commented “Thanks boys 🤝” to his new adoring fans.

The Callaway Paradym driver costs about $600 at retail, so this was quite the shot for Fish. You know he’s going to be coasting on this one for quite some time. As he should.