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Even Yankees fans are mocking this video of a stunned Yankees fan after crushing loss to rival Red Sox

August 14, 2017

In theory, each of the 162 games in Major League Baseball's regular season hold the same importance to a team. But on Sunday night, the New York Yankees suffered one of those defeats that feels like a 10-game losing streak all by itself.

The Yankees held a one-run lead in the bottom of the ninth inning over the rival Red Sox in a pivotal game for the A.L. East standings. They had their closer, Aroldis Chapman, a man who throws a baseball harder than anyone in history, on the mound. And at the plate was a 20-year-old lefty named Rafael Devers. Although Devers is a big-time prospect, we mention that he's a lefty because no lefty had hit a home run off the left-handed flamethrower Chapman in more than six years. At least, until Sunday night when Devers did this to a 103(!)-mile-per-hour fastball:

Devers' blast broke the record for the fastest pitch (Technically, it was only 102.8 MPH) ever hit for a home run, and Boston went onto win in the 10th inning to take the series and move 5.5 games in front in the standings. The incredible highlight was seen by millions, but maybe just as many people will see this seflie reaction video posted by a Yankess fan, who quickly went from jubilant to stunned as Devers took Chapman deep -- and has been mocked constantly since:

Not to sound like an old fart, but can't anyone just witness something without documenting it anymore? Can't we just live for two seconds without whipping out our cell phones? Sorry, bud, but you brought this on yourself.