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European Tour winner gets interrupted by his fiancée closing port-o-potty door, has classic reaction

October 11, 2019

We've seen some spectacular WAG-related moments during European Tour events in recent years from victorious caddying to on-course proposals. This, involving Tyrrell Hatton and his fiancée, however, was not one of those moments. Not that is wasn't just as entertaining.

The European Tour winner was making his way around Rome's Olgiata quite nicely during Friday's second round of the Italian Open when a loud noise caused him to back off an approach shot on the 11th hole. Hatton must have known right away the sound came from the slamming of a port-o-potty, but he had no clue who was the cause until he angrily glanced over to see. . . his fiancée. It's a good thing, because if golf fans know anything about Hatton it's that he can get, well, hOtton the course. See what we did there? Sorry.

Anyway, Hatton called out his fiancée and the cameraman did a brilliant job panning over to catch her leaving the scene of the crime. "You put me off!" Hatton exclaims. "You should be ashamed!" Classic. Anyway, here's the clip:

Fortunately for their relationship, this story had a happy ending. After regrouping, here's what Hatton did moments later:

Way to stay focused, Tyrrell.