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Euro Tour Shenanigans

Watch a European Tour pro and his caddie put on a mid-round boxing exhibition

April 15, 2021

Apparently, it's FIGHT DAY at The Loop. A video of weekend hackers coming to blows went viral, the MLB gave us a good old fashioned bench-clearing brawl, and now, a European Tour pro and his caddie broke into a mid-round boxing exhibition. We haven't seen this many punches thrown since Rocky Balboa was on the ropes against Ivan Drago.

The last one, however, was all in good fun. While playing the first round of the European Tour's Austrian Golf Open, Callum Shinkwin, whether because of the pace of play or the cold weather, decided to do some sparring with his caddie. Have a look:

As the announcer points out, Shinkwin, in addition to having a great boxing name, has a cousin who was "a professional boxer of very high quality." He sure looks like he's picked up a few pointers at family BBQs—and apparently, like Rocky, he's a southpaw in the ring.

Shinkwin shot even par and is tied for 31st after Day 1. But the 27-year-old Englishman's on-course antics surely gained him some new fans. And if there's ever an official tour pro fight night, we'd expect him to be on the card.