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Life Comes at You Fast

An e-sports pro celebrated his big win so hard he dislocated his shoulder, adjust your fantasy lineups accordingly

September 15, 2021

Fantasy owners are still reeling from Week 1. Raheem Mostert is out for the season. Aaron Rodgers looks like Don Majkowski. Odell Beckham Jr.’s tweets are getting more and more cryptic by the second. All in all, it's been a tough week to have skin in the fantasy sports game, and to make matters even worse, this week’s top waiver wire add, e-sports fighting game pro CakeAssault, just went down with a dislocated shoulder. He is now doubtful for Sunday after this gruesome injury:

Somebody get Dr. James Andrews on the horn. That looks like a career-ender.

From the thrill of victory to agony of defeat in the span of seconds, CakeAssault was just trying to celebrate his win at Riptide when he went down like a sack of Idaho potatoes™, his shoulder popping like a Coke® bottle with a Mentos© dropped down the hatch. Now the Ls are piling up for a guy who was, moments ago, fist pumping his biggest W. Such is life. Such are video games.

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