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Eli Manning put Tom Brady in the torture chamber on ESPN's Manningcast

At long last, the Manningcast returned on Monday night. Unfortunately, it was for Geno Smith vs. Jameis Winston, a 13-10 pukefest in the rain that capped off one of the uglier weeks of NFL football in recent memory.

The beauty of the Manningcast, though, is that it's often more entertaining than the game, especially when the game is gross. It helps when there is a stellar lineup of guests like Eli and Peyton had on Monday night, starting with Marshawn Lynch, who obviously dropped an F-bomb:

Oopsie. Lynch was one tough act to follow, but not when the act is Tom Brady, who joined the Manning bros for the second quarter. There were plenty of highlights, but obviously the top moment came when Brady mentioned that he enjoyed the games he played against Peyton much more than the games he played against Eli. Eli, naturally, pounced on the bait: 

No matter how many more rings Brady wins (good lord... he's going to win more, isn't he?), reminding him about the two he didn't win against the New York Giants will also feel like a little knife to the lower back. All he could do when Eli said "I enjoyed all our games Tom!" was shrug his shoulders, the universal sign for "f---, you got me there."

What's funny is, Brady did get Eli twice, once during the 18-1 year and once in Foxboro in 2015. But Eli still holds the 3-2 edge, two of those coming in the biggest game of the year and the third coming during the 2011 regular season at Gillette, just three months before beating them again in the Super Bowl. Eli made them count. Good news for Brady is he was the only guy on the Manningcast from last night that is still playing and playing at a high level, so he's got that going for him.