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All in the Family

Little Charlie Manning getting his first golf lesson from Archie and Eli is your “awww” moment of the week

Darkness abounds. It’s everywhere you look. There’s no ignoring the trying times we live in or the state of the world around us. So we cling to temporary reprieve anywhere we can find it—a cold beer, a par saved, a dog video. All effective escapes from our terrifying reality, but this week they pale in comparison to little Charlie Manning, who got his first golf lesson from grandpa Archie and old man Eli on Wednesday.

Awwwww. At-the-turn snacks while still on the range. This kid gets it.

In all seriousness though, it’s cool to see the game of golf being passed down through three generations of Mannings in a single photo. And as we all know, uncle Peyton is a pretty big fan too. The Mannings are no ordinary family. They’re millionaires hundreds of times over. They’ve lifted Lombardi trophies, hawked hot sauce, appeared on SNL, and in the process have become football’s first family. But their experience with golf, with handing the love of the game down from father to son, is not altogether dissimilar than you and your pops (or perhaps son/daughter).

Whether Charlie grows up to play ball like pretty much his entire family or ends up hitting a little white one around for living remains to be seen, but it’s encouraging to see that no matter how much the earth might rumble and quake, the Titleist never falls far from the sleeve.