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Eddie Pepperell's primary motivation at the Portugal Masters is finding love for Martin Kaymer

October 25, 2019

Eddie Pepperell isn't a complex man. He's not a starving artist nor an enigma wrapped inside a riddle. He is not an international man of mystery nor a trafficker of life's philosophical highways and bi-ways. Instead he enjoys a hot meal, a good laugh, and, most of all, making his nearest and dearest friends' lives an absolute living nightmare. Just ask Martin Kaymer.

On Friday at the Portugal Masters, Pepperell revealed that his chief motivation this week isn't, in fact, winning a golf tournament, but instead traumatizing his friend on national television per the conditions of a little round two wager. Friends, can't live with 'em, can't kill 'em.

In case you're watching this without volume in the stall at work, Pepperell and Kaymer agreed to a bet stating that if Pepperell beat Kaymer's score on Friday, he would apply for the two-time major champ to appear on First Dates, a reality dating show in England where participants go on a first date at London's Paternoster Chop House and, at the end of the episode, have to decide if they would like to see each other again. The goal, as Pepperell states, is to find Kaymer his life partner, which he alleges his dear friend so desperately needs. What a guy that Eddie Pepperell.

The bad news for Kaymer? While he shot a respectable one-under on Friday, Pepperell, driven by his romantic designs, fired a five-under 66, and now sits atop the leaderboard alongside Brandon Stone. The good news? At least he'll get a good steak out of it...