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Eddie Pepperell reveals why he once got suspended from his home course

July 23, 2020

The European Tour is back, which most importantly, means more Eddie Pepperell content! That being said, the dude still delivered during quarantine, including some fantastic self-deprecating digs at his plummeting world ranking and inferior pop to Bryson DeChambeau. And now he's revealed a story about a time he got popped at his home club in England.

Appearing on an episode of "A Round with Radar" at Frilford Heath Golf Club, Pepperell told host Wayne Riley that he was once temporarily banned from the course for losing his cool during the club championship.

"I had like a four-foot birdie putt and missed it," Pepperell recalls. "The red steam, the red mist descended and I gave it one of those.”

Pepperell then demonstrated taking a huge swing with his putter at the putting surface.

“I think I'd only done it six or seven times in my life up to that point, but this time I got caught,” the two-time European Tour winner said.

Vintage Eddie. You can watch the episode below with this part starting at around the 30-minute mark:

"I did do a great reparation job. I repaired it beautifully. You could barely see what had happened afterwards, but the group behind did come and notice it and then they pulled it up and took a photo and made it look much way worse than it was.”

So what was the penalty?

"I got six months for that," he said.

Harsh, but it sounds like both the green and Pepperell's relationship with the club has been patched up. OK, Eddie, now tell us more tales about the "red mist" descending. This is good stuff!