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Kevin Kisner gets suspended from his home course. . . for cart racing?

April 25, 2016

Kevin Kisner announced he started his preparation for the upcoming Wells Fargo Championship and Players on Sunday -- only he's not practicing at his home course, Palmetto Golf Club. Why? It seems he's in a bit of trouble for racing golf carts.

Kisner recently appeared in a video for Vice Sports in which he plays golf, drinks beer, and races carts with friends at the Aiken, S.C. course. It appears Palmetto GC was unhappy with the latter (because they can't be mad at the first two, right?) and suspended the PGA Tour winner.

And there was this tweet, which indicates it wasn't just Kisner who got suspended.

Rough. Here's the video in question, which includes the cart racing:

If you watch the video all the way through, it's clear how much Kisner loves Palmetto GC. So much in fact, that he's in the process of having a house built right off one of the holes. Hopefully, he'll have his playing privileges back by the time it's finished.