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Feast your eyes on one of the worst QB sneaks ever QB sneaked by East Carolina

In very short-yardage situations, it's hard to argue that anything but the quarterback sneak is the right call. Even the analytics gurus will tell you that, and everything they say these days is apparently gospel.

With that in mind, East Carolina made the right call. On 4th and goal from the half-yard line and the Pirates trailing 14-6 to South Florida with 42 seconds in the first half, they called QB sneak. Right call. Gutsy call.

Just horrific execution:

You might be saying, well, he fumbled the snap, so it was doomed from the start. A closer look would show you that that it was a clean snap, but the push back from the USF defensive line was so fierce that the center's ass knocked the ball out of his own quarterback's hands. From there, it was full Yakety Sax. 

Worst QB sneak ever? Not quite. As one astute Twitter user pointed out, the L.A. Chargers had a far worse sneak last season, one that's giving me gambling flashbacks in the worst way. I forget if this affected the spread or the total, but it definitely affected something because I do remember wanting to crawl in a hole and die after watching it:

Yep, that's for sure the WOAT, especially considering East Carolina scored 23 unanswered in the second half to win 29-14.