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CBS’ ‘Young and the Restless’-themed March Madness promo is one of the great Duke troll jobs our time

College basketball fans, rejoice. After two long, cold, dark years, March and madness have finally reunited. One of the most torrid, incendiary relationships in sports is back and ready to set your brackets ablaze, but we'd be lying if we said things weren't going to be different. No, we’re not talking about the limited crowds nor Indiana psuedo bubble. We’re talking about no Kentucky, no Louisville, and, most of all, no Duke. That's right, for the time in 26 years, Coach K and the boys won't be going dancing. If you ask us, that’s worth an Owen Wilson wow or two . . .

But while Duke’s tourney absence has made Duke fans [baby voice] vewry sad [end baby voice], it has made everyone else very happy, including the copywriters at CBS Sports, who put together this hilarious ‘Young and the Restless’-themed March Madness promo that just so happens to double as an all-time Duke dig. Check it out.

Not only will the Cameron Crazies be dampening their brackets with fresh tears this week, smudging the ink as they take North Carolina over Wisconsin in the South Region’s 8-9 matchup, they are also being forced to confront the demons of 2012, when a 15-seed Lehigh Mountain Hawks squad led by CJ McCollum knocked off the two-seed Blue Devils in a historic round-of-64 upset. Let’s all say this unison now. Three, two, one . . .


Anyhoo, the Duke-less 2021 NCAA Tournament tips off Thursday, March 18th at 5:10 p.m. on truTV, when hopeful 16-seeds Texas Southern and Mount St. Mary’s face-off for the right to take on one-seed Michigan on Saturday. As if Duke weren’t enough, just imagine if Michigan were to take a tumble there. The CBS writers room might spontanouesly combust.