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Drunken golfers receive jail sentences for golf club attack after hitting balls in wrong direction

February 15, 2019

Yellow Dog Productions

A pair of golfers were sentenced to jail time for attacking a father and son playing on a Portland golf course.

The Oregonian reported, Matthew Leo received a 45-day sentence and three years probation after pleading no contest to second-degree assault, while Jacob Self got 30 days and two years probation after pleading guilty to the same charges stemming from a May 5, 2018 incident at Rose City Golf Course. According to a probably cause affidavit, Leo and Self were playing the course in the wrong direction, something Henning and Roland Larson pointed out to them. After the two groups crossed paths for a second time, Leo and Self hit the father and son with golf clubs.

Apparently, the two defendants, despite their friendship, went int a different direction when it came to fighting the charges. Self's lawyer contended it was Leo who was the "primary antagonist."

The Larsons suffered welts, lacerations, and broken fingers from the incident, but were able to restrain their pair of 37-year-old attackers with the help of another man until the police arrived. Deputy District Attorney Nicole Hermann said Leo and Self were both heavily intoxicated and Leo claimed he didn't remember the altercation during a September hearing.

Leo will have to pay $642 in restitution while Self will have to pay $1,921. They will also have to undergo anger management classes as part of their punishment.