These Guys Are Good

This drone tour of the Tour Championship has the craziest ending ever

September 05, 2021

Earlier this week, the PGA Tour teased a whole new way of looking at the Tour Championship. With a camera strapped to a drone whirring around East Lake Golf Club, the sneak peek wasn’t so much a bird’s eye view, as it was that of a hawk, soaring in and out of the all the action at the climactic PGA Tour event of the 2021 season.

But we were promised more, so we waited, and boy are glad we did, because the full, supersized version, which the social media maestros over at PGA Tour HQ unveiled on Sunday, is cooler than we could have ever imagined. Oh and speaking of waiting, you better wait for the end …

Swooping in over the driveway and through the front door of the clubhouse, the Tour Championship tour begins in close quarters, zigging and zagging past hallowed silverware and the heads of tour pros getting ready in the locker room, interrupting a Rory McIlroy interview before zooming out the window and onto the grounds.

There we get a faceful of poa anuua courtesy of last year’s tour champ Dustin Johnson, as he rifles a ball within inches of the camera. Then the drone speeds for the finale, which we won’t spoil in case you haven’t watched the video yet. All in all, it’s an awesome look at an awesome tournament, and something we hope we see more of down the line.

Whaddya say, Augusta National?