You Hate to See It

DP World Tour pro gets robbed of ace in the most sickening fashion you will ever see

Hole-in-ones don’t come around very often. The average golfer has a 12,500-to-one shot make one, and that’s lifetime. So when the opportunity does finally present itself—when the wind is right and it’s straight at it and you’re shouting “BE GOOD!” with every fiber of your being—you better damn well hope it goes down, because you may never get another chance again.

Just ask DP World Tour Pro Nicolai von Dellingshausen (say that five times fast), who was the victim of perhaps the single greatest heist since the Gardner Museum at the British Masters on Friday. If you think you have the stomach for it, watch on.

It’s very tough to tell exactly where ball originally strikes, but it kicks off the flagstick and deflects back to the lip of the cup where it spins one quarter rotation back toward the hole before suddenly stopping, teetering on the precipice of glory. Again, it's hard to say for certain, but Dellingshausen’s ball may have even been stopped by its own ballmark, left when it originally struck the green. Words cannot describe the brutality.

We’ve seen plenty of tough breaks and nearlies over the years, but this might be the most sickening of them all. On the bright side, if this had dropped, Dellingshausen would have been buying drinks for the whole clubhouse. Instead, they all owe him one. Bottom’s up.