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Dottie Pepper told a great story about how a Bobby Knight pep talk once pulled her out of a slump

November 02, 2023

Icon Sportswire

The sports world lost a legend on Wednesday when Hall of Fame basketball coach Bobby Knight—best known for winning three national championships with the Indiana Hoosiers in the 1970s and '80s—passed away at age 83. Knight left a legacy of winning (and cursing) that will never be forgotten, least of all by Dottie Pepper.

Upon hearing news of Knight’s passing on Wednesday, Pepper took to Twitter to share her own personal brush with the college basketball great, remembering a time in 1996 when she bumped into Coach Knight while in the middle of a nasty slump.

It’s amazing that such a simple compliment—“you’re tough enough”—could spark Pepper to four wins in as many months, but such was the power Knight’s words. It’s testament to Pepper’s own skill and perseverance more than anything, but it’s also proof of Knight’s ability as a motivator. Needless to say, if you can convince college kids to go to bed early and not drink beer for over 40 years, you can talk anyone into pretty much anything.