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January 31, 2018

Don't worry, even Rory McIlroy gets his name misspelled at Starbucks

Rory McIlroy might be a four-time major champion, the eighth-ranked golfer in the world, and a guy in the process of upgrading out of a $13-million villa, but he is like you and me in at least one way: Starbucks baristas can't spell his name right, either.

We feel you, Rory.

On Wednesday afternoon, McIlroy—fresh off a second-place finish at the Dubai Desert Classic—took to Instagram with proof that he is, in fact, still a mortal, taking his own 'Bucks-cup indignity on the chin for the entire internet to see.

How this barista looked at a yoked Irishman in a Nike polo and thought "definitely Rory with an i"—and how she didn't then dot that i with a heart, is beyond us—but hey, look on the brightside, Rory:

At least she didn't have to spell your last name. Hell, we write about golf for a living and still haven't quite figured it out.