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Rory McIlroy's slick waterfront Florida mansion can be yours for $12.9 million

January 11, 2018

Yeah, yeah, this is one of those posts where we say "Rory McIlroy's sick house can be yours for. . ." and then insert some crazy amount of money that we know you don't have. But it's fun to dream, right?

McIlroy recently purchased Ernie Els' nearby Jupiter pad, according to Golfweek, and now his "old" Palm Beach Gardens spread is officially on the market. For $12.9 million. Hey, if you ever win the FedEx Cup, you're almost there.

The four-time major champ, who married Erica Stoll last year, bought the Palm Beach property for $9.5 million in 2013. The house is listed at 10,577 square feet and features plenty of amenities from a gym to a pool (Sorry, TWO pools) to a putting green that McIlroy doesn't appear to have used much the past couple seasons on the PGA Tour. Here are some photos of the spectacular property, which includes an adjacent empty lot, on Zillow:


And here's an interview/Bose ad McIlroy did in which he shows off his then new house:

"Walking through the door, thinking I can’t believe I actually live in a place like this," McIlroy says in the video. "It’s something I really appreciate and it’s something I definitely don’t take for granted."

And if he's willing to say goodbye to all of that, imagine how sick his new place is?