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Don't freak out, but a 'Breaking Bad' movie is reportedly happening

November 07, 2018

Lewis Jacobs / AMC

Come on, level with us. How many times have you rewatched Breaking Bad since it bid a bloody adieu back in 2013? If the answer is any number greater than zero, you may want to sit down for this next part: According to the Hollywood Reporter, a full-length Breaking Bad movie is reportedly in the works and set to begin shooting in New Mexico later this month.


Code-named Greenbrier, there are precious few details about the project. Yes, it will be set in the broader Breaking Bad universe, but no one seems to know whether it will be a spin-off, a la Better Call Saul, or a direct continuation of the original series. Casting is also unconfirmed, but if it's the latter, [SPOILER ALERT BUT COME ON, IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN IT BY NOW, THAT'S ON YOU] don't expect to see an awful lot of new Ford spokesperson Bryan Cranston. Most importantly, however, THR says that original showrunner Vince Gilligan is on board to pen the script, executive produce (read: sit around and cash checks), and possibly even direct.

Everything else, per Breaking Bad MO, remains a mystery and probably will continue to until the last excruciating second. When it will see the light of day? TBD. Will it get a theatrical release when it does? TBC. Is Gus really just a Two-Face origin story? Who knows, but hopefully. But no matter what, THERE'S GOING TO BE A BREAKING BAD MOVIE, PEOPLE, so go order a pizza, throw it on the garage roof, and celebrate.