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DJ LeMahieu gives extremely DJ LeMahieu answer to question about his wild pitch walk-off

New York Yankees do-it-all man DJ LeMahieu is an extremely matter-of-fact guy. All he does is hit, field, and chew tobacco. He has little time for much else, particularly questions from the media. One time, at the end of an interview for Yankees magazine in which LeMahieu gave a series of milquetoast answers, he straight up admitted he was an awful quote, saying "sorry, I'm like the worst person for these."

When you score the winning run on a walk-off wild pitch, though, you're going to get grabbed for a postgame interview whether you like it or not. That's the predicament LeMahieu faced on Wednesday night in the Bronx, when the Bombers and the Cincinnati Reds were tied 6-6 in the bottom of the 10th. LeMahieu, who began the inning on second base as the ghost runner, moved to third on a wild pitch from Reds reliever Alexis Diaz. A few pitches later, Diaz let one get away again, allowing LeMahieu to score the game's winning run:

Nice to see the Yanks finally catch a break, am I right?

LeMahieu, the de-facto hero, was pulled aside for an interview on the YES Network shortly after, and he was asked "what he saw" on the wild pitch, a close cousin of the "talk about [insert thing]..." question we so often hear lobbed at athletes. LeMahieu answered it as only he can:

When in doubt, stick to the facts and say less. In that respect, we should all be more like DJ LeMahieu. Also, not to dog this reporter, but what the hell did you expect him to say there. The ball got away and he ran home. Not much else to "see." There are no stupid questions, but there are certainly ones that deserve matter-of-fact, Marshawn Lynch-style answers. This was one of those times.